Are You Doing What You Like: Taking Up Digital Marketing As Your Profession!


Making money is one part of the story, and doing things that you like, is another! But, the sweet conjunction of both the aspects, can actually yield wonderful results. If you actually do things that you love, at your work-place, then the chances are extremely high that you’d succeed with flying colors, while on the other hand, your performance may continue to degrade over time, if you’re stuck up in a job that you don’t really like!

Sure thing, you may ask me if I really love to slog for 17-18 hours a day, and even work on weekends, sacrifice my peace of mind by spending sleepless nights whenever the traffic levels of my blogs drop, and whenever I’ve got stringent deadlines to finish the projects, but let me tell you it’s a part of sweet pain!

I also get the liberty to buy sports bikes like Hyosung GT 650R, luxury cars like Volvo s80, latest gadgets, and all that I want, in lieu of all the trouble. So, that kinda’ makes it worth the pain. Recently, after buying the s80, I was contemplating on selling my 2 year old Mitsubishi Cedia, but then decided to keep it, and if I was working in a 9-6 job, I’d have been most likely forced to sell it off, without a choice.

Anyway, we’re going a bit off-topic here, and my intention wasn’t to brag about my possessions here, but rather to highlight the perks of doing what you like. Of course, the pay scale matters a good deal, but just think about it – if you love cars, and even if you have a 6-figure salary paying job, would you ever be able to afford a Ferrari 458 Italia or Rolls Royce Ghost? (even a used one, let alone the possibility of buying a new one!)

Indeed not – but if you get a job of car test driver or editor of a car review magazine, then you’ll get to enjoy all these fantastic rides without even shelling out a penny – now that’s called doing what you like!

On the other hand, if you don’t really understand the Horsepower, Torsion, and all those complicated terms about cars, then you may be better off working as a programmer in an IT company, but it’s again about doing what you like.

Sure thing, you may be good at C++ programming, but is that something that you really love? Given a choice, would you like to become a Java developer or an Oracle Apps developer instead of a C++ developer? If the answer is yes, then you need to find a way to pursue your dream career path.

I’m not asking everyone to rebel, and turn into an entrepreneur by dumping the full-time 9-6 job just like that! But, the point that I’m trying to make here is that you’ll be able to excel in life, if you’re working as a programmer, blogger, tester, engineer, dentist, lawyer, or entrepreneur by choice, and not because you’ve no other choice in life.

No matter how much I really need to slog, I love to write and making money on the Internet, so I’ll never get frustrated with what I do, though I may certainly get saturated at times, and hate my hectic schedule, but at the end of it all, I love my work!

So, are you really doing what you like or are you stuck in a job that you simply hate?


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