Are We Heading to Automated Era with SEO and Internet Marketing?


There’s a theory that always-on, constant internet access from phones, and increasingly tablets, is altering our memory processes, making us less likely to try to commit items to memory that we know we can easily find online. making money on the internet, which server very little purpose to human beings!

Wikipedia was envisioned to become “the sum knowledge of humanity,” but something went off the beam during the process while on the way to becoming the encyclopedia of everything. Instead, it became “designed by committee” and ultimately not 100% reliable. Anybody can edit and change a Wikipedia article.

To make things worse, folks are creating tons of articles filled with just fluff for the heck of SEO, and making money on the internet.

Still, though, we can look forward to having more material references, computational horsepower – and maybe automatic unattended day-to-day “playback” – all brought to us by our cheap, ubiquitous phone! Is this going to provide better engineers, or is information overload going to make work tedious and ineffective for the next generation?

What is this likely to do to the concept of specialization? Is it possible that future workers will become non-specialists – knowing where to look it up instead of really knowing specialized material and facts? Is it possible that this is already happening, that we can see the evidence of it round-about us?

Today, most of the engineers today “Google” up literally everything under the sun to solve problems on daily basis, and even write programs, or fix bugs in codes in most of the IT companies.

‘3D searching‘ is also becoming popular off-late, and with social networking rising to a new level with introduction of Google+, we’re definitely moving into a whole new realm altogether.

But, what worries me the most is – are we heading to an automated era? We don’t quite have time to meet each other personally, and all the chit-chats happen through Gtalk, Google+, Facebook, Orkut, and Twitter – the day is not too far when machines could possibly replace humans! What impact would that have on mankind? Do share your thoughts, and keep dropping your valuable comments to share your feedback!


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