How to Make Money Online With Affiliate Internet Marketing


If you’re new to the affiliate internet marketing world, then this is perhaps the first thing that’ll pop up in your mind. Well, I’ve got some good news as well as bad news for the newbies!

The good news is that you can after all make money online with affiliate internet marketing; however, the bad part of the story is that it’ll take minimum 4-6months of time frame, wherein you’ll have to work patiently, to make things happen. So, now let’s step into the details, and see how it works!

I remember the day when I had signed up for Amazon affiliate internet marketing contract, and Google Adsense contextual ad campaign way back in 2007.

It took me almost a year or so, to even get my first $100 pay-check, and something similar applies to the Amazon affiliate internet marketing program too. I made peanuts for the first 10-12months. If I’d have given up thinking that it’s not going to work out in my favor, then perhaps I wouldn’t have been what I am today!

Anyway, now let’s come back to the topic – how to make money online with affiliate internet marketing! Basically, what you need to do is to sign up with an affiliate marketer like Amazon, or ClickBank, and follow these steps –

1. Identify a profitable niche with lot of searches but fewer competitors – This can be done with the help of KW tracking tools like WordTracker. The key to success would be driving enough VISITORS to your site/blog, who’d be genuinely interested in buying the products you promote.

2. Selecting Popular Products & Start Promoting them wisely – It’s important to promote only popular products, and the ones that you’re sure about. If you give bad recommendations and piss off people, then you’ll never make it big in the world of affiliate internet marketing.

Once you’ve good traffic, you need to build rapport amongst your readers so that they follow your recommendations, and buy from the affiliate links!

3. Build Some Good Content – You need to create minimum of 100 product reviews, or related pages wherein you may promote the products. Don’t fancy any results with 5-10 pages!

4. Build links to your money pages – Once you blog starts getting some traffic, you’ll gradually spot your money pages – these will be the ones you should promote heavily on various forums, and social sites. You may want to start using these top social bookmarking sites

Most importantly, just the way I’m trying to speak to my readers, you need to build rapport, and start conversing with them. Furthermore, building a good relationship with fellow blogger will help you in building cross links, and improving traffic as well.

The bottom-line is that once you take up this challenge, you’ll have to patiently work for a year or so, to make some money with affiliate internet marketing!

Lastly, there’s no limit to the amount of money you can make in this field – you can make as low as $1/day or as high as several THOUSANDS dollars! (I’m not kidding for sure!) – so, are you game?


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