About to Earn My 1st Crore Online: My Journey of 6 Years


For those who think it’s impossible to make money on the internet, here’s my story (won’t call it a success story or any B*S*) of 6 years of internet marketing! For those who don’t know me, my name is Om Thoke (officially Sarweshwar Thoke), and I run an SEO company in India, an SEO training center in Bangalore, and take online SEO and internet marketing classes, write for the NY Times and do a whole lot of things. It has been a long journey of about 6 years with SEO and online marketing now, and I must say it has been really tiring and painful, but it has been equally rewarding too.

I’m quite happy about the fact that despite all the struggle, and the repercussions of working 18-20hours a day, I’m about to achieve my first considerable feat – earning Rs 1crore without playing KBC! (lol) Well, I’m NOT talking about 1 crore PROFITS (disclaimer to Income Tax guys!) but rather total earnings TO DATE!

Sure thing, I’ve paid off more than 70% of it to the employees, and invested in domain registration, web hosting, office rent, internet charges, and I’ve hardly been able to even save 5% of it, but it gives a terrific feeling of satisfaction to have earned that much money.

When I started off, I worked for a call center during my college days to make money part-time, then started taking tuition classes for the juniors, and then I discovered Amway business, which got me excited. That’s when I started earning in thousands, and bought a TVS Apache RTR 160 (I know not a big deal, but that was my first big purchase!).

By the time I completed B.E I was totally into online marketing, but I still joined an IT company as an Oracle developer.

I slogged for 12 hours in my company (or rather was forced to do so), and 8 hours at home working as a freelancer, and soon caught TB as a side effect! And that’s when I realized I can’t go on working like a dog, and dumped my IT job (won’t mention any names here), but I was quite skeptical, and people had thought that I had lost my mind, but I was sure that I’d earn more than whatever peanuts my company was paying me. As a matter of fact, I dumped my job only after I started making more than my salary just working part time as a freelancer! Hence, I had nothing to lose at all…

After a year, I registered a Pvt Ltd – (Webfosys Networks) on 27 March 2009, and worked out of my home, with 2 full timers, and a team of 5-6 online freelancers… I got married on 6 Dec, 2009, and realized that I had to earn more to keep up with my ever-growing requirements… By April 2010, we had a small office with 4 full timers, 6 onliners, and we soon grew to 8 full timers, and 10 onliners.

With another year of hard-work we grew to 15 full timers, and 15 part timers, and a bigger office, and now we’ve a 1200sq-ft office, and a healthy team of 30 writers and SEO professionals (both online and full timers included), and I’ve started my second company – Xpress SEO Solutions!

I’m not a fan of Haywards of Seagram, but I still ask myself – have I made it large? And, I guess this is just the beginning; I’m yet to ensure that all my employees get a respectable salary with which, they may lead a comfortable life… I’m yet to build my dream house, buy a farm house a Jaguar XF (my wife’s dream car!)… But, these 5 years have been quite amazing, and I’m more than happy with what I’ve been able to do.

So, I’d say internet marketing is definitely a wonderful way to make money, but making money on the internet requires LOT of HARD WORK (I really mean a LOT literally!) and dogged determination, and it takes minimum couple of years for the results to show up. But, when you’re totally into it, that’s when life starts looking beautiful, and you think of buying a superbike, sports car, Rado Jubilee Diamond studded watch, Armani perfumes or other luxurious items! Even if “Pappu can’t dance sala” it hardly matters, if Pappu can do everything else that’s mentioned in that song – isn’t it? :)
And, now when I’m in a rather comfortable position financially, I’ve decided that I’ll work on my physique, and ensure that I’m not underweight anymore; after all, a 44kg lean guy would obviously look quite funny on a superbike like Hyosung GT 650R, isn’t it? The moment I gain enough weight, and learn some bodybuilding, I’d start a new blog for weight gain and health improvement! (you bet!).

Hyosung GT 650R                                                

And, of course, one dedicated to my new superbike as well… So, now does all this sounds exciting enough? Remember, you won’t get it easily – you’ll have to literally scratch your ass off, to be able to survive as an internet marketer! (I mean it!)

So, if you’re trying to make money with Google Adsense, or affiliate marketing, don’t just give up – think about the rewards, and make your way through! And, don’t forget to watch “The Social Network” movie – it’ll definitely pump up your Adrenaline levels!

If you need help, don’t hesitate to drop a comment, or email me or connect on Facebook or Google+.

PS: Kudos to Team Webfosys for all the support & now it’s time to build Xpress SEO Solutions a popular brand, and take Webfosys to newer heights by the completion of 3rd year!


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