5 Brilliant Ways to Combine Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing


Combining digital marketing with traditional marketing is a smart way to bring in more consumers and sales. Nowadays, marketing is based on the digital side; integrating these two marketing approaches would offer a significant opportunity, especially when combined. In TV commercials or magazine ads, the only way to use traditional marketing is to pledge a call to action. Using this method will impose viewers to visit the website and might think about participating in the digital experience and turning them into an active participant. This is an excellent way for digital and traditional marketing to work together. Creating a successful marketing campaign involves successfully combining digital platforms with existing tools to achieve the best of both worlds.

Here are five ways to combine traditional and digital marketing.

  1. Billboards and Geotargeting

Billboards tend to be one of the top means of advertisement in regional markets, touching more than 90 % of the population. The high price tag of billboards prevented smaller companies from using them for a long time, but the newer modern billboard models give significantly lower prices with nearly the same visibility. To get even more value for your dollar, pair billboards with geotargeted advertisements to strike a popup ad on drivers’ smartphones after passing for an extra-strong marketing post.

  1. Cold Calling & Intent Data

Cold calling is now an open discussion on whether it’s a successful practice. As intent data is applied to the mix, yesterday’s cold calls can become tomorrow’s warm calls. Through integrating intent data into the process of cold calling, advertisers may target better-qualified customers by not targeting the least desirable contacts. Intent data is the crucial missing component to maximize conversion rates and reduce the pressure for the sales team that comes with trying to call out unqualified potentials.

  1. Newspapers and ONLINE ADS

Local publications get thinner and thinner, but there is still a group of people, depending on the audience, who like to enjoy a cup of morning joe and read the paper. The newspaper’s home section was once competitive-meaning. It was costly and jammed packed with other contractors. Today, the paper may have two or three advertisers and the premiums go down. Most of the newspapers have components online, so you can still trade additional interest on their platforms for any banner advertising or social media messages.

  1. Television and Video Ads

TV advertising has become much cheaper. Most young consumers cut the cable cord, but advertisers do not have to pick between cable and streaming. If cable TV isn’t where you want to be, many other cable stations have apps, videos or even YouTube channels that you can place advertising on, often at lower price points.

  1. Magazines and Digital Content

The magazine industry continues to hang onto its faithful customers. Since magazines are mostly targeted towards niche audiences, they are the primary target markets for targeting them. When contemplating advertisement, native advertisements, branded content, or event sponsorships for publications, make sure to ask into opportunities to meet the new readers of the publication, whether through their social media, website, or digital editions.


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