20 Stupid Habits You Must Avoid in 2020


The best way to make the right decisions is to know the wrong ones to avoid; so here’s my list of twenty things to avoid at all costs in 2020

1. Don’t be the Serial shaker

Nobody likes those mini earthquakes caused by restless legs, so that’s a big no no!

2. Snip-up

It’s always fun to have a nice engaging conversation. But, be sure that you don’t just cut the other person while they’re talking – No one likes that, I repeat NO ONE!

3. Empty situation can be Annoying

You must have found yourself keeping an empty milk carton or a juice carton in the fridge. It doesn’t matter why we do it, but we need to stop, because giving false hope in any form is BAD – even this counts

4. Spare the Bin shots

There are many trash cans on every street it is a surprise that you need to know this, but people put the trash in the can, so don’t kick “em for god’s sake

5. Movie musings

Maybe it’s the thick accent that adds charm to Vin Diesel on screen, but you don’t need to be extra loud when asking anything inside the theater so keep it low, please.

6. Seat-up in a Flight – DONT Recline Randomly!

It’s relaxing but nobody likes it when the person in front of us, suddenly reclines back their seat. The plane is cramped up as it is

7. Double dipper

Your favourite crisp needs a dip, but don’t double dip after taking a bite – It’s common courtesy, and people like me HATE those who ORT!

8. Hair Hair everywhere

Showers are the best experiences, but finding someone else’s hair on the soap is not! Don’t leave hair everywhere, be it on soap or on someone’s bed

9. Avoid Boxer Morning Runs

Grocery runs shouldn’t be in boxers; It just makes everyone else uncomfortable so please at least wear shorts over them, and do whatever the heck you want, at the comfort of your home!

10. Ice ice maybe

There’s nothing better than a good drink with ice in it, but be a good samaritan and remember that it isn’t magic that fills those trays, and be kind to refill them

11. Who let the turds out?

Your dog needs to poop, but someone might step in its poop today so clean it up before it disgusts someone else! Remember if you don’t do it, karma is a bitch and what goes around, comes around

12. Be kind – Don’t Avoid Tips!

Your delivery guy works hard for low wages so help him out, just like the bouncers at the club, and waiters at the restaurants!

13. Fragrantastic

Everyone knows you don’t shower once in a while, but don’t make them smell it and put on a deo for Christ’s sake!

14. Keep it down

You don’t realize it but you might speak loudly in public places sometimes and miss off hundreds, so be sure to keep it down and play it cool

15. Re-gifter

Someone gifted you something with care; so don’t re-gift, please, unless it was pathetic – and even in that case, you don’t want someone else to feel the same, do you

16. Wide-open Spaces

You never know if you’re an open mouth chewer, but it can be GROSS, so kindly abstain, and zip those wide open spaces

17. Concerto nuisanco

Your iPhone is kinda loud when playing those Whatsapp forwards in public places; just reminding nobody likes it!

18. Grammar nazi

It’s okay if someone accidentally used wrong english, they don’t want to be corrected in public! I know it pisses me off too, but you can always correct them over a private message

19. Burp no more

Yes, the food was tasty. It looked amazing too but it’s just gross when we hear obnoxious burps

20. Blink blink

It’s easy to forget to give an indicator, but people behind your car need to know if you’re gonna take a right/left before you actually take that god damn turn, so blink baby blink!

Hope you enjoyed this post – keep dropping in those comments to keep me motivated to produce such fun posts every day – you know it usually takes about an hour to compile such posts and I charge $99/hour as consulting fee and even to attend Bloggers World University group learning program classes, 30 people currently pay $200 for 60 hours, which pretty much translates to the same $100/hour, but hey hey hey, I love writing, so even if this post doesn’t make me 99 cents, I’m still gonna’ keep ‘em coming – all I’m asking for, is at least 99 comments – that ain’t too much to ask for, right


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