Priceless Keywords You Already Have But Never Use


While doing keyword research using tools, it is quite possible to lose vision of your clients. These tools just display the trendiest phrases irrespective of whether you use them or not.

Here are some easy ways to perform keyword research by exploring the existing stuff.

Assembling the Data

The first thing to do is to assemble the data in one place so that it becomes easy to analyze the information. Usually, there are very few places where the client’s actual words could be found – Google Analytics, reports sent by previous SEO professionals/firms, and/or other R&D data they’ve got; but there are many other minute things that we often miss out.

Managing Communication through Email

The communications you receive from your clients is request for services, support requests, contact emails which will contain client’s actual words. Most of the companies use either direct emails or forms on their website. These emails or form fills are sent directly to somebody’s inbox or to a CRM system. But retrieving data from inbox is not so easy; instead, form system can be used which saves the information to the database and then forwards the data to appropriate inbox or CRM. By this method collecting client’s communication in a single place becomes easy.

Blog Comments

If your website contains a blog, then the comments are logged into the database; it is easy to export the comments from the database. To export the comments you should go to host control panel and use php My Admin interface.

Product Reviews

Lot of e-commerce sites allow their clients to post reviews on individual products. Each system employs different method to export reviews, so you should examine how and where the reviews are being saved.

Forum Posting

Forum posting is a more free flowing method than the product reviews, and they are longer than reviews or blog comments. If you use free forum system, then you need to export forums from your control panel, and you’d be able to figure out what keyword terms brought most traffic, and what was the majority of content all about!

Data Analyzsis

The easy way to analyze data is by using a keyword density analyzer. Put your client’s words into the analyzer tool, and then it shows majority words and phrases used by most people. Extract this list for researching fresh keywords to leverage on the existing content


When you utilize your client’s words as keywords, you don’t have to guess the words the users might use to describe your services or find your products. And, it’s always a wise idea to build up upon whatever you’ve already got, rather than targeting totally new keywords.


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