Learn SEO: Understanding the First Link Priority Rule


Most of the SEO professionals know about the basics, but at times, they fail to catch some of the important concepts, and today I’m going to discuss about one such concept; the first link priority rule in SEO.

When is this Rule Applicable?

Well, basically when a web page (i.e. link from a different domain – we’re not talking about internal linking here) links to another website more than once, then the first link is given the maximum weight, and the subsequent links are often discounted by Google & other major search engines from SEO point of view.

So, if you get 3 back-links from a good web page, with three anchor texts – “here”, “more info” and your desired anchor text, say “learn SEO” i.e. if someone website links to this tutorial to learn SEO as – You can find more SEO tips from Om Thoke here… Then in next para, click here to read more about the “First Link Priority Rule”, and finally in the end, it links to this page saying – I’ve picked these ideas from Om’s tutorials that greatly help newbies learn SEO – then the anchor text value would be almost zero, because the target anchor text is appearing in the third link.

Effectively, the back-link anchor text would be considered as “here”, which has very little to do with my target keyword learn seo or the First Link Priority Rule in SEO.

What Can You Do About It?

Unfortunately, it’s a tough job to get back-links from credible sources, and if that happens naturally, it’s even TOUGHER to request then HOW to link to you, isn’t it? Think about it – if you like this post, and link to it, I can’t be telling you what anchor text you should be using while doing so… Even worse, if you’re linking multiple times, I’m nobody to scrutinize the way you’ve linked to my post, and suggest any changes to your blog post. If you’ve obtained a link from a fellow blogger with whom you’ve good terms, you may want to e-mail him requesting to change the first occurrence, but it may not be possible in most cases.

Linking Via an Image
first link priority seo rule
When a site links via image FIRST, and then text next, the SEO value of such a link is almost lost; remember, alt text does NOT count as anchor text while linking, so although you might as well get some PR juice from such a link, it won’t help you in ranking higher in SERP.

Linking Carefully to Your Other Blogs

But, at least, when you’re linking from a promotional blog, or a guest post, to your website/blog, you must bear this first link priority SEO rule in mind.


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