Does Email Marketing Work Anymore?


So you ask – does email marketing work anymore? And, I’d say the answer largely depends upon “how” you really try to do it!

If done correctly, email marketing can still do wonders for you, and on the flip side if you start spamming your leads, then the end results can be simply DISASTROUS!

Believe me – I know several seo consultants and internet marketing gurus who do amazing marketing via their emails and newsletters, and I’ve also seen hundreds and thousands of 100% flop email marketing campaigns that have rather caused damage to the rapport of the business they were supposed to promote, let alone the chances of generating any sales.

In fact, I’d say that even if you generate 2 sales out of a mailing list of 1000, and annoy the rest 998, then such a campaign is a bust, because you’re effectively ruining your chances of 998 potential sales.

How to Promote Smartly?

Let’s face it – you want to promote your business, but not everyone on your mailing list actually wants to pay for your services/products right away – perhaps some of them need more confidence, some need more time, and may be some need enough money or they’re just waiting for the right time to come.

Therefore, you must not send out annoying emails with sales pitch, and directly ask them to purchase anything! You should learn how to promote your services/products wisely with the help of a free trial, or by offering some freebies.
The whole point is to grab the attention of your potential customers, get them excited, and build enough trust level that they may want to consider purchasing your services/products… When and how they really want to do it, shouldn’t be your concern.

If I enquire about a product today, and the salesmen comes right after me somehow trying to make me purchase it TODAY, I may decide to NEVER buy it, merely due to pathetic attitude of that sales man! On the contrary, if I get all the info I needed, and I feel that it’s worth my money, there’s no second thought that I’d buy it – if not today, tomorrow. And, that’s what you, as a business owner/promoter must think too – get the point?

Honestly speaking, I haven’t tried too much of email marketing for my web content writing services, because I always have excess orders, though I’ve done it a lot for my clients… I hardly get time to think about promoting my SEO services via others means, but off-late I’ve started publicizing via social media, and I may think about starting an email marketing campaign soon enough!

Anyway, the bottom-line is that email marketing does work even today, but the key is to know what really works, and not to make those mistakes that’d cost you a fortune – and, above all – don’t spam your subscribers with automated emails or only promotional stuff!


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